Large variety of components for pipeline installation bolts, gaskets, tapping saddles and threaded fittings in stainless steel, HDPE and galvanised available.



Poly Threaded Fittings

S/S Nipples

S/S Elbows

S/S Sockets

S/S Reducing Nipples

S/S Socket

S/S Tee

Camlock Female Hose Tail - Type C

Camlock Female - Male Thread - Type B

Camlocks Female End Cap - Type 0C

Camlock Female - Female Thread - Type D

Camlock Male End Cap - Type 0P

Camlock Male Hose Tail -Type E

Camlock Male - Female Thread - Type A

Camlock Male - Male thread - Type F

Thread Flange

Tapping Saddles

Spigot Clamps