Mine Water Management

Mine Water Management

Brilly is one of the few mine water management specialists in WA. We offer a range of solutions for mine sites of varying scales, including dewatering systems. No matter how small or large your project is, we make sure it is finished on time and on budget.


Mine water services

Each of our services can be tailored to your requirements. As a starting point, we are able to assist with the following mine water services:

  • Auditing water management systems and performing upgrades.
  • Designing complete water management systems for your site.
  • Monitoring water management systems.
  • Dewatering systems, including repair, construction and design.
  • Supplying materials for mine water systems.
  • Project management.

Qualified personnel

Our team of project managers, operators, technicians and designers are certified in their areas of expertise. Welders hold trade certificates and machinery operators are fully accredited too. Project managers have many years of experience overseeing pipeline construction on mine sites, and understand the importance of meeting deadlines to minimise downtime at your site.

Quality materials

We source quality parts and materials from trusted manufacturers to ensure your mine water management system stands the test of time. We are also committed to performing every project to a high standard, which in turn, adds to your system’s durability. For more information on the materials and methods we use, please contact us.

Get started

To discuss your mine water management and dewatering requirements, please contact our office. We are happy to discuss your requirements, and will prepare a quote for your project as soon as possible.