HDPE Poly Welding

HDPE Poly Welding

Brilly specialises in designing, constructing and maintaining HDPE pipeline systems for mining companies in WA and across Australia. From small repairs to full design and construction, our trade-qualified team has the experience and expert knowledge to complete projects of any scope.


As well as HDPE poly welding, our pipeline services include:

  • Designing complete pipeline systems.
  • Constructing pipelines.
  • Auditing existing pipelines.
  • Performing necessary upgrades.
  • Small and large pipeline repairs.
  • Supplying materials for pipelines.
  • Pipeline system maintenance.

Fully qualified poly welders

Our team includes trade-qualified poly welders with mining experience, who have constructed and repaired pipelines on sites for many years. We are experienced in all methods of welding, including poly welding, butt fusion and electro fusion. If you just need materials, we are also able to supply quality parts to your site.

Why HDPE poly welding?

HDPE poly welding is ideal for drainpipes and fittings exposed to high temperatures (up to 100 degrees celsius), as well as areas prone to high vibrations. Joints are welded using either butt fusion or electro fusion welding methods, which means pipes are 100% airtight. HDPE is also highly resistant to chemical agents and does not emit toxic gas, even during combustion.

Contact us

For more information about our HDPE poly welding services, please contact our office. We are happy to discuss your requirements, and will prepare a quote for your project as soon as possible.